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Artist Statement


My pieces almost always begin with a photograph I’ve taken. I am drawn to capture interactions between people as well as interactions between individuals and their environments, especially water. Examples of inspiration are moments where a child splashes in a puddle or squirts a hose or pours water into a bucket or where a man sits on a log looking out into the ocean or reels a fish into a boat. My preferred technique—raw edge applique—is an effort to express the joy and magic of life’s simple joys.

Using a photograph I've taken, I simplify it in Photoshop. Then I print it out and trace over it on freezer paper. I use the freezer paper pattern to cut out shapes from fabric and adhere them with fusible web to fabric to create the picture. Then I sew the pieces down on my sewing machine and add additional detail with thread. When the picture is complete, I build a frame and staple the art quilt to the frame.

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